Cornerstone Card includes farm-to-door delivery from Pasture Provisions - Cornerstone Apartments

Cornerstone Card includes farm-to-door delivery from Pasture Provisions

Cornerstone welcomes Pasture Provisions to the Cornerstone Card resident discount and local partnership program

“You are what you (m)eat”

Pasture Provisions offers farm-to-door subscription delivery services with locally farmed produce. The Denver-based business provides convenient, affordable access to 100 percent Colorado grass-fed and pasture-raised meats. All Pasture Provisions products are top-tier in quality and animals welfare standards. Philosophizing, “You are what you (m)eat,” this is a trusted-company operating with the belief we should consume responsibly raised animals and vegetables. Another layer to Pasture Provisions’ mission is establishing and building long-term partnerships with local ranchers and farmers who are  stewards of the land and emphasize animal welfare.

Box options can include meat, fresh leafy greens, seasonal vegetables and farm-fresh eggs. Delivery range includes the Denver metro and Boulder area. Check out the Pasture Provisions website to learn more about delivery options, recipe ideas and tips on cooking the perfect steak, or how to keep your lettuce fresh.

Cornerstone Card discount at Pasture Provisions:

15% off first delivery

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