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Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency Maintenance Protocol

How do I submit a maintenance request?

All non-emergency work orders need to be submitted online through your RENTCafe resident portal. If you do not have access to your portal, you may call our office at 303-333-1999 (Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm)

The following maintenance requests qualify as an emergency:

No heat, no hot water, no electricity, an active water leak, refrigerator/stove/oven not working, or being locked out of your apartment.

If you have an EMERGENCY during work hours call the main office at:


If you have an ​EMERGENCY work order after hours, call:


The above methods are the only way to submit a work order. Do not contact your Portfolio Manager with a work order, submit a work order through the generic contact form on the website, or through social media. We will not receive the work order in a timely manner.

Cornerstone Crew's Pro Tips

Toilet Tips

If your toilet is backed up, insert a plunger into the toilet at a slight angle, covering the drain. Slowly, but forcefully, plunge the drain. If the first attempt does not succeed, try, try, try again.

If your toilet is leaking, turn the water valve off and contact maintenance.

Do NOT flush any feminine hygiene products, toiletries, paper materials other than toilet paper, or any other foreign object down the drain.

Dishwasher Tips

Rinse, and get excess food off of your dishes before placing them in the dishwasher.

Use only dishwasher detergent. Do NOT use dish soap.

Do NOT overload your dishwasher

The tub and strainer should be cleaned periodically and checked for foreign objects

Electrical Tips

If power is out in one room or area, reset the breaker. If that doesn’t work, call maintenance.

If a light bulb is out, replace the bulb yourself.

IF the smoke/CO detector is beeping, replace the batteries (DO NOT DISABLE the smoke or CO detector)

If the building power is completely out, google your local power outage map to see if your building might be a part of a bigger power outage.

If the power is just out for a single room or apartment, reset the breaker or the GFCI plug in the kitchen or bathroom.

If that doesn’t work, call maintenance. 

Garbage Disposal/Sink Tips

Make sure to run warm water while the disposal is in use.

Don’t put these things in your sink, even if you have a garbage disposal:

  • Coffee Grounds
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Bones
  • Oatmeal
  • Nuts
  • Corn Husks
  • Onion Skins
  • Potato Peels
  • Egg Shells
  • Pumpkin and Fibrous Vegetables
  • Potato Peels
  • Fruit Pits
  • Lemon/Lime Slices
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Shells
  • Trash
  • Anything you wouldn’t eat


When in doubt, throw it out!

Heat & A/C Tips

Keep windows, blinds, and doors closed to conserve energy and lower utility costs.

Keep furniture from blocking heating and A/C vents/units.

Keep the temperature setting above 72 degrees (Fahrenheit) during cold weather to help avoid frozen pipes.

Clean the A/C filter on a regular basis

Insects & Pests Tips

If pests, such as mice, spiders, ants, or flies are noticed, you can purchase and use common household bug sprays and traps.

If pests such as cockroaches or bed bugs are noticed, please call management immediately.

Tips to prevent pests:

  • Keep all floors and counters clean
  • Do not leave food out
  • Do not leave doors and windows open

DO NOT bring furniture from the garbage or street into your unit.

Safety & Security Tips

Keep your doors and windows locked.

Ensure doors close behind you.

Lock your bikes up with a secure lock.

Consider sending valuable packages to an Amazon locker.

For after hours emergencies such as no heat, no hot water, no electricity, an active water leak, refrigerator, stove/oven not working, or being locked out of your apartment call: (303) 370-0327

Denver Police Non-Emergency line: (720) 913-2000

If it is an emergency call 911

Finding an Apartment

How do I know which apartments are available for rent?

If an apartment is listed on our website, it is available to rent. Our website is live, so as soon as a unit is leased it will no longer be listed on our website. Please visit the “Apartment Search” page for all availability.

How do I tour an available apartment?

We only show vacated apartments. We cannot show an apartment unless there is a “Request a Tour” button on our website. Click the “Request a Tour” button and it will show our availability for tours and give you an option to choose an in person or virtual tour.

Once you have an appointment confirmed, an agent will meet you at the building for a showing at your scheduled time. You will need to provide your own transportation.

Appointment Punctuality Policy: Because we work on a 30 minute schedule, if you are 15 minutes late for your scheduled appointment, we will consider it a no-show and you will forfeit that appointment time. If you are up to 15 minutes late, we will shorten your appointment by that much time so as not to inconvenience our subsequent clients and throw off our schedule for the day. Thank You for your understanding.

Do you rent apartments sight unseen?

Yes, you do have the option to rent the apartment sight unseen. Unless otherwise noted in the photos, all photos and floor plans shown are of the exact apartment.

Do you offer short term leases?

Occasionally we do have short term leases available. If you want to know what lease terms are offered at a building, you can check the building page, or click the “Apply Today” button and it will show you all available lease terms.

Do you offer furnished apartments?

Cornerstone does not offer furnished apartments, but we can refer you to a company that ​will furnish your apartment for you. CORT can provide you with furniture to rent. Please visit their website or call them at 303-344-5114.

Can I view an apartment if I am not currently in Denver?

Yes, as long as the apartment is vacant and available to show, we can schedule a Facetime or Skype tour, or show a local friend for you. You can schedule this through our website.

Are your properties pet friendly?

Many of our buildings do allow ​dogs and/or cats. Please refer the pet policy for the building you are interested in to confirm if pets are allowed.

What utilities are included with rent?

The utility policy varies building to building. Please refer to the building page on our website to confirm what utilities the resident is responsible for.

Applying & Leasing

A friend referred me, what do I do?

If a current Cornerstone resident referred you to us please give their name to your Leasing Coordinator when they contact you to confirm move in details. This only applies to new leases (not renewals), and new Cornerstone residents. This does not include roommate or sublet situations. You must inform us of the referral prior to moving in and we only accept one referral per new move in.

How do I qualify to rent with Cornerstone?

Income: Applicant’s gross income (before taxes) must equal three times the monthly rent. Roommates must have a combined income of three times the rent ($200 income buffer). Verification of income may be required before move-in. If you do not qualify financially, you MUST add a guarantor. A guarantor’s income must be five times the monthly rent.

Employment: Employment verification may be required before move-in. Unemployed applicants may qualify if they have secured a job and can provide an offer letter.

Credit History: All credit history must be satisfactory and current. Items that will be reviewed to determine approval include but are not limited to: credit history, check writing history, evictions, delinquent debt, judgments and bankruptcies. We do not require a specific credit score. Applicants with no credit history may be required to pay an additional deposit. We do accept co-signers for select credit issues.

Criminal History: We screen for criminal history issues including but not exclusive to; being listed on a sexual offender or terror watch list and violent misdemeanor. We run a full criminal background check on all applicants and review all results.

We do not accept co-signers for criminal issues, or co-signers with delinquent debt.

How do I apply for the apartment I'm interested in?

Make sure you meet the qualifications for approval, then select the unit you would like to apply for by clicking the yellow “Apply Today” button after selecting the unit you want to apply for. Once your application and holding fee have been submitted, the unit will be taken off the website and will no longer be available for others to rent.

The Application Fee and Holding Fee are non-refundable unless the application is declined.

Cornerstone will run your credit and criminal background and notify you when you are approved. If you are not approved, your holding fee will be refunded and the unit will be returned to the market for rent. Reasons for being declined include: previous evictions, open collections, ​criminal history issues, bankruptcies, tax liens, or if you are listed on a sex offender or terrorist watch list.

Once you are approved you must sign a lease within 5 days which can all be done through our online portal.

Can I apply for multiple apartments?

No. When you submit an application you are required to pay ​a ​holding fee to reserve the specific apartment you would like to lease. You are then committed to that apartment, ​providing your application is approved.

Do I have to apply online?

Yes, our application and leasing process is completely online. If you do not have access to a computer, you are welcome to apply at our office, located at 665 N. Grant Street.

What is a holding fee?

The holding fee ​reserves the apartment that you want to lease. This is only refundable if your application is declined. At the time of move in, the holding fee becomes an administrative fee.


Once the payment for your holding fee clears with the bank we will issue you a refund in the form of a check. If you would like to pick up the check at our office, please let us know. If you would like us to mail it to you, please provide a mailing address.

What does it cost to reserve an apartment?

To reserve an apartment you will pay a $50 application fee per person (including guarantors), and a $165 holding fee.

Will I need a co-signer or guarantor for my application?

You will need a co-signer or guarantor if you do not meet our income requirement, which is three times the monthly rent, or if you have between $2,500 and $5,000 in collections. You must add them on your application under “Additional Applicants.”

We do not accept co-signers for criminal issues, or co-signers with delinquent debt.

How do I add a roommate or guarantor to my application?

You can add a roommate or guarantor to your application under Step 4: “Additional Applicants.” There is a drop down menu where you can specify if the additional applicant is a roommate or guarantor. There is a $50.00 application fee per person.

How do I cancel my application?

If you ​want to cancel your application, please email your Leasing Coordinator. If you don’t know who your Leasing Coordinator is, please email us at to cancel an application. Please include the building and unit number you’ve applied to.

How do I sign my lease?

You will receive an email letting you know when your lease is ready for you to sign online. To electronically sign your lease please log in to your resident portal from the link at the top of the Cornerstone website using the same information you created when you completed your application.

From there, select your unit, and continue until you come to the page titled “Electronic Signature”. On that page click the “Sign” button. This does not sign the lease for you. This will take you to the full lease to review and sign each page separately. If you have a Guarantor they will need to sign the last page of the lease.

Where do I pick up my keys?

Please make an appointment with your Leasing Coordinator to pick up your keys on the day your lease starts. Your appointment will be at 665 N. Grant Street Denver, CO 80203.

What do I need to complete prior to moving into my apartment?

You will need to sign your lease online, set up utilities (if applicable) and set up renter’s insurance. Please make sure to sign every page of the online lease. You will also be required to pay any applicable deposits and pro-rated rent for your first month. All of this information will be in the move in email from your Leasing Coordinator.

When are Free Rent move in specials applied?

If you rent an apartment that was running a move in special with free rent, this will be applied to your 2nd month of rent.

Paying Rent

When is rent considered late and what are the late fees?

If you are on a Cornerstone lease, rent is considered late after 11:59 pm on the 8th of the month. The late fee is $50, or 5% of the remaining balance, whichever is more. If we recently took over management of your building and you are not yet on a Cornerstone lease, please refer to your current lease for details.

How do I pay my rent?

You can pay your rent online with a checking account, debit card or credit card, or with a physical check (personal check, cashier’s check or money order) by mailing or dropping it by our office at 665 N. Grant Street.

Online payments can be setup to withdraw monthly by selecting the ‘Automatic Recurring Payment’ option. You can also select to pay your rent manually each month by selecting the ‘One-Time Payment’ option.

The payment screen in your resident portal provides more details about online payments.

Where is the rent drop box?

Individual buildings do not have their own rent drop box. If ​you would like to drop rent off, please bring your payment by our office at ​665 N. Grant Street in Denver. If the office is closed, there is a rent drop at the front of the building.

Can I pay with cash?

We do not accept cash payments. Acceptable forms of payment are check, money order, debit card, credit card or ACH payment through your checking account.

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes! Please see the payment page on our online portal for information on additional fees.

What are certified funds?

Certified funds are Money Orders or Cashier’s Checks.

How long does it take for my rent to be withdrawn from my bank account?

It normally takes 2-3 business days after your payment is submitted for you to see the money withdrawn from your account. If you have automatic payments setup, the date that you selected for the payment to pull is the day that the payment process begins, not the day it is withdrawn from your bank account.

How do I confirm that my payment has gone through?

Please login to your resident portal here. You can see under the label “Current Outstanding Charges” if you have an account balance due.

What happens if I double paid my rent?

If you notice a duplicate payment on the same day that it is made, please contact the office immediately; we may be able to prevent the payment from being processed.

If you do not notice the additional payment on the same day, you can contact your bank to issue a stop payment, or we can credit your account or issue you a paper check once the payment clears our banking system (this time frame depends on your method of payment).


How do I submit a maintenance request?

All non-emergency work orders need to be submitted online through your RENTCafe resident portal. If you do not have access to your portal, you may call our office at 303-333-1999 (Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm)

If you have an EMERGENCY during work hours please call the main office at 303-333-1999.

For after hours ​EMERGENCY work orders, please call 303-370-0327.

The above methods are the only way to submit a work order. Do not contact your Portfolio Manager with a work order, submit a work order through the generic contact form on the website, or through social media. We will not receive the work order in a timely manner.

What do I do if my garbage disposal stops working?

There is a red reset button under the disposal. Please try resetting the disposal. If this does not fix the problem, submit a work order online through your resident portal. This is not considered an emergency.

Does Cornerstone replace light bulbs in my apartment?

Yes. If you have a light out, please submit a work order and we will be out within 2 business days to replace the bulb.

What if there is a water leak?

If the leak occurs during business hours (Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm, and Saturday 9am-4pm) please call our office at 303-333-1999 and press ‘0’. If the leak occurs after business hours or on a holiday, please call the emergency after-hours maintenance line immediately at 303-370-0327.

Please place a container under the leak or ​locate the water valve behind the sink or toilet that is leaking and ​turn it to the ​closed position.

What do I do if I smell a gas leak?

Open the windows and leave the apartment immediately. Do not turn off any lights. Once you have left your apartment, call Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-2999 then call us Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5pm at ​303-333-1999 (or after hours 303-370-0327).

How do the heating and cooling systems work?

The heating and cooling systems vary by building. For more information on your building, please contact your ​portfolio manager, or call the main office line at 303-333-1999.

If you have an emergency heating or cooling situation, call us at 303-333-1999 during work hours. If you have no heat after hours, please call our after-hours emergency line at 303-370-0327.

​In Colorado, A/C is not considered an after hours emergency. A/C calls will be addressed the next business day.

What is considered a maintenance emergency?

Fire, flood, gas, no power, being locked out, plumbing backups, leaks, no heat, and no hot water, and stove/oven have no power are considered emergency maintenance situations.

No AC and/or no WiFi are not emergencies. If you have an after hours lock out, there is a $50 charge for our on call maintenance technician to come let you back in. We only allow lease holders access if they are locked out.

Who do I call if the Internet is down?

If your building provides free WiFi, please call our office at 303-333-1999 if it goes down. No WiFi is not considered an emergency. If the internet goes down after hours, please do not call the emergency after hours number, just call our main office line and leave a voicemail, or enter a work order online through your resident portal.

Your Lease

When do I receive a renewal offer?

If you are eligible for renewal, you will receive your renewal options 60-90 days before the end of your current lease.

Can I add someone to my lease?

Yes, please contact your Portfolio Manager. A new ​roommate must fill out an application, ​pass screening, and be added to your lease.

How do I break my lease?

You must contact your Portfolio Manager to pay the ​lease break fee (two times rent in certified funds). Please see your lease for full details. We will need you to provide an exact date for move out so that we can create your lease break agreement.

We need the lease break agreement signed and brought into our office along with the lease break ​fee before you move out.

Does Cornerstone allow subletting?

Subletting your apartment is an option with written approval from your Portfolio Manager and receipt of a subletting fee.

Can I list my apartment on Airbnb?

No, if you list your apartment on Airbnb or any similar website you are in violation of your lease.

Can I transfer to another building?

You may not transfer to another building mid-lease. You must either fulfill your lease term or pay the lease break fee as stated in your current lease. If your lease is ending, you may apply for another apartment at that time.

Can I transfer to another apartment in my building?

You may be able to transfer to another apartment in your current building with your Portfolio Manager’s approval. It depends on several factors that the manager will take into consideration. If you are approved to transfer we would need 14 days written notice and 1 month’s rent for a lease break fee.

Can I remove a roommate from my lease?

Yes, please contact your ​Portfolio Manager so they can create an addendum to your lease.

Am I required to have renters insurance?

Yes. We require a minimum of $100,000 in Liability Coverage and a minimum of $5,000 in Personal Property Coverage for each apartment.

You will receive more information about the program we partner with at time of move in and renewal.

What is RUBS?

Residents are responsible for paying a utility charge which will appear in your lease/ lease renewal as “Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS)” and on your ledger as “Utility”. For details on how the RUBS charge is calculated and the utilities that this charge covers, please reference your lease. Please contact you property manager with any questions.

Moving Out

How many days notice do I need to give?

If you are on a Cornerstone lease, we require a 30 or 60 day written notice to vacate (please refer to your lease.) If you choose not to renew your lease you must provide a written notice to vacate at least 30 days prior to the end of your lease, or your lease will continue on a month to month basis. An email to your Portfolio Manager is preferred, and will be accepted as a form of writing.

If you live at a property that was previously managed by another management company and you have not signed a new Cornerstone lease, please refer to your lease for the notice to vacate policy. Requirements vary depending on the policies at the previous management company.

What is the move-out process?

You are required to provide written notice if you plan to vacate your apartment at the end of your lease. The number of days notice that is required may vary based on your lease. Please reference the lease for more information. If your lease is ending and you do not provide notice, your lease will continue on a month to month basis and you will be charged a month to month fee.

You can provide your written notice via email, or you can drop a handwritten notice by the office.

Once you provide your notice, your portfolio manager will send you instructions for cleaning and leaving your unit.

When do I get my security deposit back?

We want to return your security deposit as ​quickly as possible. However, it can take up to 60 days from the date that you move out for your deposit to be processed.

If you would like the deposit mailed to you, please provide a forwarding address when you move out. If you would prefer to pick up your deposit when it is ready, please let us know and we will call you. If you would like to check the status of your deposit, please contact our Office Manager by calling 303-333-1999.

Do I need to patch nail holes in my wall?

No. Please do not patch any nail holes. We will take care of that. There may be charges associated with you attempting to patch your own holes. Feel free to contact your Portfolio Manager with any questions.

Will I be charged for hanging items on my walls?

It depends. If you have an excessive amount of nail holes in your walls, you will be charged for the labor required to fill and paint those areas. Holes from television mounts, or other large items will result in a fee for repairs. If you have any questions, please contact your Portfolio Manager.

How do I schedule a walk-through?

​We do not do walk-through inspections with residents as part of our move-out process. If you have any questions please contact your Portfolio Manager. We will be coming to your apartment prior to you moving out for a pre-move out maintenance inspection. This maintenance inspection is not a deposit disposition walk.

How do I turn in my keys?

You can leave your keys in the kitchen of your apartment when you move out. You will be charged if they are not returned on your move out date. Please do not return your keys late.

How do I have my mail forwarded after I move?

Please fill out and submit a mail forwarding request to the post office prior to moving. We ​can not forward your mail and we cannot legally access your mailbox after you move out.

Pet Policies

Are pets allowed at my building?

It depends. Many of our buildings allow pets. Please either refer to the building page on our website or contact your Portfolio Manager. If your building allows pets and you want to add a pet to your family, please let your portfolio manager know.

Every lease includes a pet addendum, just because this is in your lease does not imply that your building is pet ​friendly.

Do you have breed or weight restrictions?

Yes. We do not allow the following breeds; Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Pitt Bull (Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Pitt Bull Terrier), Presa Canario, Rottweiler, Mastiff, or any mix of these breeds.

We do not have weight restrictions.

Can visitors bring their pets in my apartment?

If your building is pet friendly, you will need to contact your portfolio manager and see if they will allow other pets to visit. It depends on the length of the visit and the breed of the pet.

Is there a limit to how many pets I can have?

Yes, we have a 2 pet maximum limit per apartment.

What are your rules regarding pet waste cleanup?

If you live in a pet friendly building, we require our residents to be responsible pet owners. This means ​residents are required to pick up ​their pet’s waste and dispose of it in an exterior dumpster. Failure to follow these rules is a violation of ​​the lease agreement.

What documentation do I need to provide if I have a service animal or emotional support animal?

You will need to provide documentation that your animal is a service animal or emotional support animal. Please upload a letter from your doctor dated within the past year, or an official certificate, to your application.

How do I know if my pet is bothering my neighbors?

If your pet is continually creating excessive noise at a level that disturbs neighbors, including, but not limited to, barking, jumping, and running, or if any pet related odors can be smelled outside of your unit, then your pet is considered a nuisance and you are in violation of your lease. Please consult the Pet Policy section of your lease for more details.


How do I get a reserved parking space?

If there is parking at your building, please contact our office. If a space is available, we will need to add a parking addendum to your lease. If there is no space available, you ​will be placed on a wait list.

What if someone is parked in my space?

During business hours, you can call your Portfolio Manager and we will assist in having the car removed. After hours, you can call the towing company whose sign is posted at your lot. If the vehicle that is parked in your space does not have a Cornerstone parking tag, it will be towed. If it does have a tag it may be ticketed. Before calling, please obtain the vehicle’s tag number, parking permit number (if applicable) and description.

What happens if I lost my parking pass?

Please do not park in your reserved space and contact your portfolio manager for a new tag ASAP. Without a visible parking tag, you will be towed.

If I have a visitor, can they use my parking space?

Yes, you can let your guests use your parking space as long as you have them place the parking pass in their vehicle. If they do not have a visible parking pass, they will be towed.

How do I apply for a residential parking permit?

You will need to apply for a permit through the City of Denver. If you are eligible for a permit, they will require you to provide the following:

1. An electronic copy of one of these documents dated within the last 30 days*:

Utility bill (gas, electric, water)
Telephone bill (land line)
T.V. or Internet bill
Current auto or home insurance document
3. An electronic copy of your valid driver’s license

4. An electronic copy of your current vehicle registration

*Please note that your applicant name and physical address must appear on all four of your documents and must match the physical address for the location where the permit is being requested. P.O. boxes will not be accepted.

Am I eligible for a residential parking permit?

There are some highly congested areas in the city with strict parking permit regulations. In these areas, parking permits are issued with the following restrictions:

1. Residential parking permits will ​not be issued to new construction buildings with 8 or more units

2. The city will not issue more than 20 permits per block and typically will not issue permits for surrounding blocks

3. The permit issued by the city is only good for the block the building is on

To find out if your neighborhood has parking permit restrictions, please visit the city of Denver’s Parking Plan, or contact with any questions.

Portfolio Managers

Who is my property manager?

At Cornerstone we have Portfolio Managers that manage several properties. You can refer to the “Our Team” page here to identify your ​Portfolio Manager and find their ​email address. You can also refer to the folder you were given at move in, or call 303-​333-1999 and the Office Manager can assist you in reaching your manager.


Is Cornerstone hiring?

Available job opportunities are listed on our website. You can also contact our HR manager at with your resume pasted into the body of the email if you’d like us to keep it on file for future opportunities. Please do not send your resume as an attachment.

Is there someone I can talk to about a specific position?

You can email our HR manager at

Can you tell me if a particular position has been filled?

Opportunities that appear on the web site are open and active. If you do not see your desired position, it has been filled or is no longer available.

Management Services

Who do I contact if I want Cornerstone to manage my building?

If you are interested in talking to us about managing your property, pleas email

What management services does Cornerstone offer?

Please click on the “Manage My Building” link at the bottom of our website for more information about the services we offer.

Will Cornerstone manage my condo?

Cornerstone does not manage individual condos.

Other Common Questions

Do I need to let my manager know when I have cable or internet installed?

If you are having Centurylink install a service, we require 24 hours notice. They will need access to a locked room.

If you live at 1736 Boulder Street or 321 E. 18th Avenue we require 24 hours notice for Comcast as well as Centurylink. Both companies will need access to a locked room to install your service. The installation must occur during the normal business week.

Does Cornerstone own the building that I live in?

No, Cornerstone manages residential properties for the apartment owners.

I referred a friend to Cornerstone; how do I get my referral credit?

If you are a current Cornerstone resident and referred a friend to us, please make sure that they let us know prior to moving in. This only applies to new leases.

What do I do if I have a noise complaint?

Please contact your Portfolio Manager during business hours. If the issue occurs after normal business hours, please call the non-emergency police line at 720-913-2000. If the police ​come to the building, please ​ask the​ officer to write a report in case an eviction has to be filed against the offender.

What do I do if I have an issue with my mail?

You must contact the post office that services your address with any issues pertaining to sending or receiving your mail. ​

Who edits the name on my mailbox?

The postal service is responsible for updating the names on your mailbox. When you move in there should be a blank card in your mailbox for you to fill in your information for the postal service.

Where is the recycling located?

It varies by building, but usually the recycling bin is located next to the trash bin behind each building. Please break down all boxes. Not all of our buildings offer recycling.

What items can I recycle?

Check the instructions on the recycling bin at your building for a list of acceptable items. Most will ​accept broken down cardboard boxes, glass, aluminum cans, and paper.

What utilities are included at my building?

It varies by building. Please consult your lease agreement for details.

What do I do if I receive a previous resident's mail?

Please mark the mail as “Return to Sender” and drop it in the outgoing mailbox.

Basic Information

Where is Cornerstone's office located?

We are located at 665 N. Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203.

What are the office hours?

We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm, and Saturdays 9:00am-4:00pm.

What is the mailing address?

Our mailing address is 665 N. Grant Street, Denver, CO 80203.

What is the general maintenance line?

Please submit your non-emergency maintenance requests through your online portal whenever possible. You can also reach us during business hours at 303-333-1999.

For after hours EMERGENCY maintenance requests, please call 303-370-0327.

What is the main office line?

Our office phone number is 303-333-1999 and our fax number is 303-333-5955.


CAS Application

Click here to download: CAS Application.


Click here to download: MOVE OUT PACKET.