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How to Make Your Denver Apartment Cooler Without AC

Denver residents got a taste of what it feels like for the temperature to rise above 80 degrees last week, and now, many are wondering how they can make their homes cooler without an AC unit or central AC in their building.  

With Denver’s dry heat and moderate summer temperatures, many people building homes in the ‘20s and through the ‘70s didn’t see a need for AC. If you live in Denver’s Cap Hill, chances are, you live in an older building that was built without AC.  

However, rising temperatures in Denver contradict these early notions, and you might be one of those people wondering how you can make things cooler in your home. If a window unit is out of your price range, or if you just want to do your part to conserve energy, there are several things you can do to lower the temperature in your apartment without opening your freezer doors.  

How to Make Your Denver Apartment Cooler Without AC
Getting cooler light bulbs can help keep temperatures down in your Denver apartment

1. Get Cooler Light Bulbs

Did you know that about 90% of the energy used by incandescent bulbs is actually emitted in the form of heat?! Switching to CFL or LED bulbs can lower the temperature in your home as well as the electric bill.  

2. Know When to Open Doors and Close Them 

Closing the doors to unused rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms during the hottest part of the day will keep the air flowing where you need it. You can open the windows in your bedroom at night to let cool air in, then trap that cool air by closing your door and window when you get up. Or if you want to let cool air flow through your apartment, open all the doors and windows. This is especially good advice if you can get a cross breeze going through your home.  

3. Keep Your Blinds Closed 

It should come as no surprise that when the Colorado sun beats down on your building, the temperature starts to climb. Using standard window coverings is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep the rooms in your home cool. 

How to Make Your Denver Apartment Cooler Without AC
Hanging blackout curtains can help keep your Denver apartment cool!

4. Hang Blackout Curtains 

Blinds just aren’t cutting it? Neutral-colored curtains with plastic backing, or “blackout curtains,” can reduce heat gain in your apartment by up to 33%. Although you might have to say goodbye to your view of the mountains for the summer, your apartment will be much cooler!  

5. Get Cooling Sheets 

Sleeping is one of the biggest challenges people living in a home with no AC have to face. A great way to overcome it is with cooling sheets. A breathable cotton set will do, but if you’re really sweating, you can invest in sheets made out of bamboo, eucalyptus, and plant-based Tencel.  

6. Ice Blanket 

This is our Social Media & Events Coordinator’s favorite trick to sleep cool in her apartment, and it’s great if you’re the type who can’t sleep without a blanket. Get a damp towel and place it in the freezer about two hours before bedtime for an icy blanket that will keep you cool and covered. 

How to Make Your Denver Apartment Cooler Without AC
Hot air rises- Sleep cooler in your Denver apartment by keeping your mattress closer to the ground.

7. Ditch the Bed Frame 

Since hot air rises, moving your mattress to the floor can help keep you cool through the night. It’s worth mentioning that memory foam mattresses tend to keep a sleeper warmer than other mattresses. If you’re really trying to beat the heat, there are mattresses with built-in cooling gel to help you sleep.  

8. Make Sure Your Ceiling Fan is Running Counter-Clockwise 

Running your ceiling fan counter-clockwise will push cold air downward and create a wind chill effect.  

9. Use Your Bathroom and Kitchen Fans 

If you take a warm shower or cook, be sure to turn your built-in fans on afterward. These will pull hot air and moisture out of your apartment.  

How to Make Your Denver Apartment Cooler Without AC
Cooking in your Denver apartment during the summer can raise the temperature in your home if you don’t have AC.

10. Avoid Cooking on Hot Days 

Using your stove on a hot day can make your home even warmer. It can also be difficult to get that hot air out of your apartment long after you’ve finished cooking. On particularly hot days, plan to have a cold dinner like a pasta salad, splurge on takeout, or commandeer one of your friend’s kitchens.  

11. The Old Ice Bucket in Front of a Fan Trick 

It might be the oldest trick in the book, but placing a bucket of ice in front of a fan can significantly lower the temperature in your apartment.  

Cool Down Your Denver Apartment Search by Contacting Cornerstone Apartments  

We know hunting for the perfect apartment can raise your personal temperature. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to cool off your search. We’re currently leasing apartments that feature AC, pools, patios, and more! Contact our leasing department today for help in finding your new home in urban Denver.  

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