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Spring Cleaning Made Easy: A Guide by Cornerstone Apartments

Spring is here, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to tackle those overlooked areas in your home. At Cornerstone Apartments, we believe in the power of a thorough spring cleaning to refresh and revitalize your living space. Let’s dive into some tips and tricks to help you ensure your apartment is sparkling from top to bottom. 


From your cozy couch to outdoor patio furniture, spring cleaning is the perfect time to refresh your seating areas. The pot lid method offers a simple yet effective way to deep clean upholstery. 

Pot lid method:  

  • Begin by vacuuming your couch to eliminate loose dirt, dust, and pet hair. 
  • Place a laundry detergent pod in a bowl and pour boiling water over it to dissolve. 
  • Wrap a microfiber cloth around a pot lid, tying opposite corners together to create an oversized scrub brush. 
  • Dip the lid into the detergent solution and use it to scrub your couch cushions and frame. 
  • Rinse the cloth and repeat the scrubbing process using clean water to remove any residue. 
  • Allow the couch to air dry and enjoy the refreshed look and feel of your furniture. 

Use this method for outdoor furniture too. Use bleach to remove any mold that may have grown over the winter. 

Spring Cleaning Tips


Your mattress plays a crucial role in ensuring a good night’s sleep, so it’s essential to give it some TLC during spring cleaning.  

  • Start by rotating your mattress to promote even wear and tear, extending its lifespan.  
  • Don’t forget to vacuum thoroughly to remove dust and dead skin cells, maintaining a clean and hygienic sleeping environment.  
  • Use the pot lid method to freshen fabric. 

Pro tip: Jumping on the bed before vacuuming helps loosen any trapped debris, making it easier to remove. 


A cluttered closet can add unnecessary stress to your daily routine 

  • Utilize the hanger trick by facing all hangers towards you.  
    • Throughout the year, flip hangers as you wear and return items. By year’s end, you’ll be able to easily identify pieces you never wore and make room for new favorites.  
  • Colorado’s varying seasons call for organized storage solutions. Consider labeling containers for winter gear, ensuring easy access when needed. 

Spring Cleaning Tips


With Colorado’s sunny climate, clear windows allow natural light to illuminate your apartment, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

  • Choose a cloudy day to wash your windows to prevent the cleaning solution from drying too quickly in the Colorado sun and leaving streaks  
  • Use a simple white vinegar and water solution with a microfiber towel for streak-free shine. 
  • Dust the blinds. This can be time-consuming but so worth it when you see how much dust has built up.  


Whether you rent a carpet cleaner or opt for a DIY approach, carpets deserve attention during spring cleaning. 

  • Combat odors by sprinkling baking soda before vacuuming, leaving your carpets smelling fresh. 
  • Remember to count to three on each vacuum stroke to ensure thorough cleaning.  
  • Don’t forget to move furniture to reach every corner, eliminating hidden dirt and debris. 

Bathroom and Kitchen 

Expired products lurking in your bathroom and kitchen can clutter space and compromise hygiene. Take the time to declutter and toss out any expired items, creating a clean and organized environment for daily routines. Refreshing these spaces not only enhances cleanliness but also promotes a sense of well-being in your home. 

General Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Apartment 

  • Use the top to bottom left to right method. Begin at the entryway, dusting molding, door frames, light fixtures, and air vents. Proceed to the middle, addressing picture frames and surfaces at this level. Finally, vacuum and mop the floors. 
  • To give your baseboards, door frames, and walls a good thorough cleaning, wash them with a sponge and squirt of dishwashing liquid mixed in a bucket of warm water. 
  • Use a pillowcase to remove and catch dust from fan blades. 
  • Throughout your spring cleaning journey, keep a donation box and trash bag handy for easy decluttering.  

Spring Cleaning Tips

Enjoy Your Clean Cornerstone Apartment 

At Cornerstone Apartments, we understand the importance of a clean and comfortable home. With these spring cleaning tips, you can tackle your apartment with confidence, welcoming the new season with open arms. Happy cleaning! 

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